Hi there, I’m Akshata!


That’s me, with my ocean hair right after an amazing dive off the coast of Maui.

When I’m not satiating my wanderlust through some sort of adventure,  you can find me snuggled in bed with a good book and an even better cup of coffee. My passions include the ocean (it’s my happy place), scuba diving, exploring new cuisines and being cozy. In terms of beliefs, my biggest one is that cheese makes everything okay 🙂

There have been many times where I’ve been hit by the inspiration to write – more often than not this happens when I am in the bathroom – but these moments seem so fleeting, and mostly result in me creating unfinished broken notes on my iPhone. I’ve decided to finally take the first step back into the blogging world, so that I can archive my thoughts/ideas/rants/whatever you call them, and hopefully entertain some people along the way. And with that, I invite you to take a peek (or a longer look if you so desire) into my world!


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